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Duissernstraße 65a
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Tel.: +49 (203) 555 858 -31
Fax.: +49 (203) 35 82 99

Plasma therapy accelerator: a new solution

Plasma therapy accelerator: a new solution for better antibody therapy for all coronavirus

Genekam Biotechnology AG, Germany has developed a plasma therapy accelerator called
SARS-Hunter. This machine gives the possibility to hospitals to isolate the antibodies from
plasma to be given as therapy. Such antibodies (immunoglobulin type IgG) are going to be
very rich in coronavirus specific antibodies, which will increase the chances of the success of
antibody therapy and reduce the side effects caused by plasma therapy given today. This will
solve the shortage problem also as there are millions of persons recovered from coronavirus,
hence their plasma can be used with this machine. Each person can donate the plasma many
times a year. SARS-Hunter is a quickest solution for creation of effective antibodies therapy
with low costs for all patients around the world. It can ease the need of vaccine.

Plasma from coronavirus recovered patients (symptomless persons) are being used as one of
the successful therapeutic options to treat the corona virus-infected patients because plasma is
rich in corona virus-specific antibodies. But plasma therapy can cause a number of side
effects like allergic reactions, infections of other pathogens, acute lung injuries, red blood cell
lysis (hemolysis) etc. To avoid the side effects and to give better results of plasma therapy,
many big pharma are working to develop antibody therapy from such plasma of recovered
persons as such isolation can be done only at the industrial scale today as these companies are
going to use pooled sera from different donors, hence there is no machine available on the
market, that one can do this at the hospital level. Genekam Biotechnology AG has developed
such a small machine named SARS-Hunter, which can isolate such antibodies at the hospital
level and these antibodies can be administered to the patient after running some simple safety
tests particularly bacterial contamination (sterility test). Another advantage of this machine is
that cost of the antibody therapy can be reduced. There are plasma donors, which have highquality corona specific antibodies. Their antibodies can be isolated at the hospital level and
can be given to more patients instead of using whole plasma to one patient. This machine is
very simple to operate and isolate antibodies within 1 hour. This may be a great option for
mobile hospitals. The weight of the machine is around 400 gm (very light) and reagents (200
gm). SARS-hunter can have a very strong impact on the antibody therapy and should make
available this antibody therapy to a large population. This machine can create also a lot of
small companies around the world, which can isolate such antibodies from donors and
provide them to hospitals as service.

The price of the Genekam SARS-Hunter including reagents is Euro 1399,- (US$ 1499,-).
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